martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Restoring forest landscapes around the world: new videos show the way

"More than half of the planet's original forest cover has been lost or degraded but there is huge potential to restore forests and turn degraded areas into healthy, fertile, working landscapes that meet the needs of people and the environment. And this restoration effort is well under way.In 2011, an international assembly of high-level representatives from governments, businesses and conservation groups set a target to restore 150 million hectares of degraded lands by 2020. This agreement is called the Bonn Challenge.
To harness this public support, IUCN joined forces with Airbus to launch the Plant a Pledge campaign, which, through an online petition, empowers all people to call on governments, landowners and communities to contribute land to the Bonn Challenge.
A series of five short videos by IUCN shows successful forest restoration in action and highlights the benefits that it generates".

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